Sean Hannity said he was a ‘talk show host’, not a journalist

It has been known for months that Sean Hannity, an alleged network reporter whose headline contains the word “news,” was a texting buddy with the single-term Trump administration. But last week it was revealed that the relationship was even closer than previously thought. The News has released dozens of texts the Fox News host exchanged with former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, in which he was essentially taking orders from people who would soon be removed from their jobs. How would Hannity spin this? Admitting that he is not a journalist.

On Friday, Hannity defended her actions on her nightly show. “I do my best to explain what my job is because a lot of people in the media crowd don’t understand what we do,” Hannity said defensively. “Yes, I’m a member of the press… I’m on Fox News Channel – which is a news channel – but I don’t pretend to be a journalist. I pretend to be a talk show host.

And yet, Hannity admitted that he does some real journalism from time to time. He says he can produce direct news and investigative reporting. At the same time, he is open about his affiliations.

“I’m a registered conservative,” Hannity said, presumably meaning “registered Republican.” “Yes, I voted for Donald Trump. I’m not apologizing, I’m giving my honest opinion. We even do culture, we play sports. I’m like the whole newspaper.

Hannity then claimed he was like everyone else, just, you know, more outspoken. “They’re talk show hosts just like me, except they’re not being honest about it,” he claimed.

Either way, Trump’s boyfriend he texted with could go to jail.

(Going through The daily beast)

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