Samsung accused of being ‘deaf of ears’ over ad showing lone woman running at 2am

Samsung has apologized for an ad that shows a lone female jogger traversing a city at night, after the campaign was accused of being “deaf” on women’s safety.

Critics say the one-minute ad fails to reflect the real dangers facing female runners, in light of the death of Ashling Murphy who was killed while jogging along a path of popular channel in Ireland earlier this year.

The advert – titled Night Owl – shows a young woman checking her watch at 2 a.m., before putting on headphones and heading out into the dark for a late-night jog.

She can be seen running down a dark, empty street as a large owl watches over her.

The woman then crosses paths with a skateboarder, clubbers, a ballerina, a security guard, a construction worker, and a horde of other night runners. She then chats with a man on a bicycle on a deserted bridge.

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