Roman Abramovich is the target of court filings to seize two planes

Representatives for Mr. Abramovich did not return requests for comment.

These measures stem from a new Justice Department initiative, known as Task Force KleptoCapture, which was created in March to crack down on assets belonging to Russian oligarchs.

This is the first time the task force has taken action against Mr. Abramovich, who is considered one of Russia’s wealthiest industrialists, with an estimated net worth of more than $13 billion. Mr Abramovich, a former longtime owner of Chelsea Football Club in London, has been placed under sanctions by Britain and the European Union, but not by the United States.

U.S. officials delayed formal sanctions in part because Mr. Abramovich served as a broker in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. But efforts to seize assets believed to belong to him indicate that federal authorities are prepared to pursue action against any wealthy individual found to have violated US laws and regulations.

Along with the task force action, the Commerce Department announced that it had filed administrative charges against Mr. Abramovich for violating export control regulations. In early March, after the invasion of Ukraine, the Commerce Department made it virtually impossible for any aircraft manufactured in the United States to obtain a license to transfer to Russia.

Mr. Abramovich’s vast wealth includes billions invested in dozens of offshore funds managed by hedge funds in the United States. These accounts, many of which are in the Cayman Islands or Jersey, have been frozen due to UK sanctions. Just as he did with his plane, Mr Abramovich used a series of shell companies in the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus and Jersey to invest with hedge funds.

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