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The triple state pension lockdown has been temporarily suspended due to distorted earnings data following COVID-19. This meant that the decision to upgrade state pensions was between 2.5% and inflation in September 2021.

As the inflationary figure was higher at that time, an increase of 3.1% was agreed.

However, now that this has materialized, many are upset, calling for further increases in the sum.

Pensioners have raged over the state pension increase this year, with readers sharing their sentiments.

Many have argued that the increase is not enough, especially given the rising cost of living.

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Speaking to GB News, Jonathan Ashworth said: ‘These pensioners have paid their stamps. Boris Johnson broke that promise on the triple lockdown.

“The triple lock should come back, and at the moment they say it will come back but we will wait and see because they have broken so many promises. »

A DWP spokesperson recently told ‘We recognize the pressures people face with the cost of living, which is why we are providing aid worth over £22billion. pounds sterling this year to help them.

“From this month, the full annual state basic pension will be more than £2,300 higher than in 2010 and the latest figures show there are 400,000 fewer pensioners in absolute poverty compared to 2009/10.

“We also continue to work with stakeholders and others to raise awareness of the pension credit, with new applications 30% higher in 2021 than 2019 – and now at their highest level since 2010. »

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