Report finds officers used inappropriate force against Haitian migrants

Several Border Patrol agents used excessive force against Haitian migrants along the southwestern border last fall, but there was “no evidence” that agents on horseback hit them with reins, found the investigators in a report.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Professional Accountability released the 511-page final report on Friday, more than nine months after viral footage of mounted border agents using reins against migrants in south Texas sparked outrage in Congress and across the country.

The images were released amid a surge in migration of Haitian citizens in the Del Rio area of ​​Texas, resulting in up to 15,000 migrants crammed under the international bridge at a time in dangerously high temperatures.

The report found that the Border Patrol agents involved had not received sufficient training or been briefed on the agency’s goals when they decided to help Texas state officials repel Haitian migrants. crossing the Rio Grande River. Several of the migrants had received Border Patrol tickets indicating they were already waiting to be processed by the agency, but they had traveled back and forth to supply their families.

An officer “used profanity while yelling at a migrant, then chased him along the edge of the river, forcing his horse to narrowly maneuver around a small child,” the report said. Several mounted officers “used force or the threat of force to push the migrants back into the Rio Grande despite being well within United States territorial boundaries,” according to the report.

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