Reginae Carter opens up about her dating preferences with her mom on Instagram Live

Reginae Carter took to Instagram Live on Friday to answer a few questions from a few of her followers, and the conversation quickly turned to her dating preferences and who her mom might see her hang out with next.

During the live, Reginae was asked if she could see herself dating someone younger than her. After saying “No” repeatedly, she laughed and added, “You little boys are boring… you’re going to play too much, no… Ewww, disgusting. »

Reginae’s mother Toya Johnson then joined her live, where she offered to hook up her daughter with a blind date.

“I met this perfect gentleman in church,” Toya said. “He would be like the perfect candidate, he has no children, he is very respectful, he has a very, very, very good job. These are all things that would be perfect for you.

Reginae quickly let her mom know that while it was amazing, she didn’t need a blind date.

At one point during the live, rapper Fredo Bang was in the comments. After Reginae let her mother know that Fredo was a rapper, Toya quickly said:

“Rapper? No, go away! If you’re a rapper and you’re on this live, and you think she’s about to be with you, you have to come to me first and that’s negative.

As many of you know, Reginae dated the rapper YFN Lucci for a while before calling it quits. Lucci is currently in jail facing a murder charge.

At the end, Toya shared that she could see Reginae dating an actor or a football player.

“First of all, now that I see you becoming whole because you know, you have to be whole before you can be half of someone,” Toya said. “But now that you’re becoming completely whole, and you’re back in Reginae, and you’re working and coming back to yourself, you can date, but don’t date rappers. I can see you with an actor, or like maybe a football player or something, but they have to be like the Russell [Wilson] type. »

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