Reduce your energy bills with a microwave oven | Energy bills

Your article (Tips from food experts on how to get the most out of your budget, July 9) had some very sound suggestions, but I’m still confused as to why microwaves never seem to be mentioned than for reheating food. When we bought our first microwave oven 37 years ago, we immediately noticed the reduction in our electricity bill, because casseroles and roast chickens no longer cooked in our oven. Less gas used too, as previously cooked fruits, such as rhubarb, soften within minutes. Likewise, why not mention pressure cookers – perfect for cooking a ham hock and making a casserole of lentil soup with the broth – or slow cookers, which use light bulb power to cook delicious meals, and are ideal for Christmas puddings?
Sally Cheseldine
Balerno, Edinburgh

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