Radio-Canada’s woke mandate

Do you think I’m exaggerating when I say that white, straight, physically healthy men are on the way out of our media-cultural system? That their productions are far from being priorities for our institutions?

However, we have had further proof of this recently.


On June 22, the CRTC renewed Radio-Canada’s licenses for the next five years, imposing new requirements.

The organization requires: “A fixed portion of independent programming expenditures devoted to programming produced by Indigenous peoples, official language minority communities (OLMCs), racialized Canadians, Canadians with disabilities and Canadians who self-identify with the LGBTQ2 community”.

What this means is that producers will be chosen based on what’s going on in their bedroom, their physical abilities, their language, the color of their skin or their ethnicity (indigenous or not indigenous).

And that’s not all.

The CRTC requires: “an ”intersectionality credit for women” to encourage spending on productions produced by Indigenous peoples, people of color, people with disabilities and people who self-identify as the LGBTQ2 community, and who also self-identify as women.

In other words, in TV and radio bingo, you score more points if you are a woman (sorry, if you self-identify as a woman) in addition to earning points if you are Innu, Senegalese, paraplegic or if you are non-binary queer (sorry, if you self-identify as non-binary queer).

But if you were born in the body of a ginger guy from Shawinigan, if you’ve been sleeping with the same woman for 20 years and you have two arms and two legs, you go down the list.

If you are told that you only have to “self-identify” as a member of a minority to benefit from priority treatment, you don’t think that opens the door to very many “self-identifications” ?


Still on the subject of the CRTC… You know that the Commission demanded a public apology from Radio-Canada for “lacking respect and sensitivity” in a radio column where the title of the book was mentioned four times white niggers of america. You also know that Radio-Canada apologized but appealed the decision.

But you may not know that on August 4, all CBC employees received an email from Nicholas Davis, Executive Director of Equity and Inclusion. Mr. Davis, who is black, asserts that there is no context that permits the use of the “n” word.

Then he adds: “If colleagues or members of the public tell us that the use of this word is harmful, out of simple respect for our colleagues and the public, we must listen to them and do better. And under no circumstances should we appeal a CRTC decision on this word.”

On the French side (Radio-Canada), we are concerned about the interference of the CRTC. On the Anglo side (CBC), a director affirms that it is not necessary to appeal.

Did you say: two solitudes?

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