Private sector employment has returned to pre-pandemic levels.

“High inflation and a shift in consumer spending from goods to services are causing job losses in some sectors of the economy, but most workers who lose jobs quickly find new ones,” said Bill Adams. , chief economist of Comerica Bank, a large Dallas-based commercial bank.

As the large baby boomer population continues to age, demand for health care workers is rising and the sector added 57,000 jobs in June, leaving it 1.1% below pre-pandemic levels.

There has also been a significant recovery in child care jobs, good news for a sector that has faced a particular labor shortage. Although labor force participation in the economy was broadly stable compared to May.

Leisure and hospitality businesses, which benefited from an increase in travel, catering and entertainment at the start of the summer, added 67,000 jobs, including 41,000 in food services and drinking places – a welcome boost for the sector, which still lacks 1.3 million jobs at its pre-pandemic employment level.

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