Princess Diana’s New US Trailer Found ‘The Princess’ Document

Princess Diana’s New US Trailer Found ‘The Princess’ Document

by Alex Billington
July 27, 2022
Source: Youtube

“A hollow and tormented marriage gives the British media and its public little to say.” HBO unveiled a new American trailer for an immersive documentary Princess, by filmmaker Ed Perkins. This premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and already opened in UK cinemas last month (see the UK trailer). of Princess Diana the story is told exclusively through archival footage to create a narrative about his life and death. It also shows how bigoted and unwavering the public attitude towards the monarchy still is. intensely emotional, Princess is a visceral immersion into Diana’s life under the constant and often intrusive glare of the media spotlight. The documentary film unfolds as if in the present, allowing viewers to experience the overwhelming adoration, but also an in-depth examination of Diana’s every move. “It makes you feel like you’re part of the problem as an observer looking at all this footage,” I wrote at Sundance. I highly recommend this paper as a study in how the public participates in their own version of evil.

Here is the official US trailer (+ poster) of Ed Perkins’ doc Princessdirectly from YouTube:

Princess Doc Poster

You can also rewatch Perkins’ original UK trailer Princess here, for even more footage.

Oscar-nominated director Ed Perkins’ documentary film Princess tells the story of Princess Diana exclusively through contemporary archival footage that creates a bold and immersive narrative of her life and death. By turning the camera back on ourselves, the film sheds light on the profound impact she had and how public attitudes towards the monarchy were, and still are, shaped by these events. Princess is directed by acclaimed British documentary filmmaker Ed Perkinsmovies garnet gold and tell me who i am before, as well as many doc projects. Produced by Jonathan Chinn and Simon Chinn. This originally premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It already opened in UK cinemas in June. HBO will release Princess streaming on HBO Max from August 13, 2022.

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