Posobiec denounces “the energy of my work” of American health care and the authorities after the shooting in Highland Park

On the latest episode of ‘Human Events Daily’, host Jack Posobiec discussed the red flags exhibited by Highland Park filming suspicious Robert Crimo.

He suggested that the warning signs, especially those regarding Crimo’s mental health, should have been caught sooner, and criticized the US medical system for “pushing people into SSRIs for the benefit of ‘Big Pharma’.” and to the detriment of our communities, and for the detriment of our country.

“It also seems to me that this is a situation where the community has failed,” Posobiec began, referring to the shooting that claimed the lives of seven people.

“We are so atomized in our societies that we say, ‘You know what? Put it on the SSRIs, put it on the meds, then it’s not my problem.”

“There’s a lot of ‘not my job’ energy from mental health officials, and in some cases maybe from…local authorities,” Posobiec continued.

He expressed his frustration at the “puzzling” fact that despite being on the radar from so many agencies for threatening to kill his family, posting crazy videos on social media, and many mental health issues, Crimo was still able to get a gun.

“I think conservatives absolutely have a blind spot,” Posobiec suggested, “because in this country it’s common sense, and it’s obvious to say that someone who obviously has mental issues like this person should not receive firearms. »

“It’s simple,” he continued. “That if you’ve done all of these things, if you’ve gotten to the point where law enforcement has been called in on you because you attempted to kill yourself or attempted to potentially threaten to kill other people…then guess what, maybe there should be something placed on you in those background checks.

Posobiec suggested that anyone who has been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility should not have access to firearms and lamented the state of mental health care in the country.

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