Pat Cipollone ‘didn’t contradict’ any Jan. 6 witness in testimony: Rep. Zoe Lofgren

In some cases, he was not present in certain situations and therefore could not comment on or remember an event “accurately,” Lofgren said,

Lofgren described Cipollone’s nearly eight-hour testimony as a “grueling” day due to the length, but said it was also “worth it.” He answered “a whole variety of questions” and revealed new information, which the panel will share soon, she added.

If asked, he would not have confirmed this particular statement, the sources told Les actualites. It was not immediately clear if Cipollone would not confirm this because the statement was not accurate, or if he could not comment due to attorney-client privilege.

When Meadows responded that Trump thought “Mike deserved it,” Hutchinson testified, Cipollone replied, “That’s fucking crazy. »

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