Party all summer long, our top festival picks this year!

Pippingford Park Manor, Nutley, Uckfield TN22 3HW

August 10-14, 2022

This one should need no introduction. The big daddy of raves, the colossus of chaos, the land of the unexpected, the return of Boomtown! Boomtown is (in my opinion) the most extraordinary world of escapism, imagination and sheer diversity that exists on the festival scene.

My words can’t quite describe what to expect from Boomtown as it’s just too big to describe and its enormity guarantees a unique experience as it’s impossible to see everything. If you must attend a festival, make it this one! It puts all other large-scale festivals to shame.

With (mostly) dick headless vibes, it’s a massive Mother’s Day, a real tear-up! It’s wild out there, so hold on to your hot pants and shine the shit out of your titties, it’s gonna explode, high time!

In a super cheeky move this year, the Boomtown crew, bullshit the line-ups and stick two fingers at corporate festival agents with their exclusivity clauses and underhanded talent management tactics. They decided that experience alone was enough to promote. The lineup is under strict embargo and will only be released shortly before. It’s not bullshit to hide their lackluster line-up. I guarantee that this year’s program will amaze you!

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