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Sweet spring, here you are at last. To accompany you, these ten songs released in April that we suggest you, dear readers, listen to by turning the volume up. To the pleasure!

VASLAW | Lydia Kepinski

Lydia Kepinski

Photo courtesy, Compliant

Lydia Kepinski

(BC) For a third consecutive single from his new album SinceMiss Képinski slips into our selections of the month. Accuse us of lacking originality all you want, but we couldn’t ignore this glamorous invitation to wiggle wildly. Lydia, you are our favorite.

THE WEB | Marie Pierre Arthur

(SEN) The live version of The Web makes us dance, while presenting us with a Marie-Pierre Arthur with a much more electric sound. In a few notes, we imagine ourselves on a dance floor, arms in the air and eyes closed in order to fully appreciate this melody.


Catherine Durand

Courtesy picture

Catherine Durand

(BC) – Sumptuous strings and keyboard notes reminiscent of the electro pulsations of a Thom Yorke coexist in the most perfect harmony in this gentle extract from Catherine Durand’s forthcoming album. It feels like a comforting shoulder in these troubled times.

GRAVE | The Johans

(SEN) – We like this piece from the second EP, goodbye againby the Quebec folk rock duo The Johans, for their influences of old American country-folk transporting us straight into a landscape of great plains traveled on horseback or by car, along a long road leading “to the south” of all possible.

I RAISE MY GLASS | Vulgar Things

Vulgar Things

Photo courtesy, Kelly Jacob

Vulgar Things

(CB) – “ I raise my glass to the poor and the fallen, the addicts and the lost. Like Stromae last fall, Vulgaires Machins marks its return by giving hats off to those who struggle in life. A nice gesture and a successful comeback for the veterans of Quebec punk.

KEEP ME | Jonah

(SEN) – It is no longer Jonas the rocker, but Jonas Tomalty who will deliver his next album called Undivided next May 13. The first excerpt, Keep meoffers a nice glimpse of the half-folk half-rock atmosphere and more personal lyrics that the 42-year-old artist now wishes to offer, he who explains that fatherhood has made him grow emotionally and spiritually.


(BC) – After a first try which gave the song For youin 2019, Maritza will release an album entirely in Spanish, in May. Quite frankly, listening to the first extract, singing in the language of Cervantes suits him to delight.

TOWARDS BEAUTY | Matt Holubowski

(SEN) – There is a lot of beauty on the collective album directed by Connor Seidel – who wanted to pay homage to 1969, a musically rich year –, including this pretty piece beautifully delivered by Matt Holubowski. It is good to hear someone singing in French who knows how to breathe the most beautiful touches of melancholy into new and old songs.

MY WAY | Miro and Eli Rose


(BC) – How to take a song released last fall and breathe new life into it? By asking pop singer Eli Rose to add her touch. Well thought out, Miro!

A MARE FOR YOU, MY DEAR | Sylvain Cossette

Sylvain Cossette

Photo courtesy, Judith Cossette

Sylvain Cossette

(BC) – Since this tasty pastiche of country music was heard in an episode of season 2 of That’s how I love youmany of us prayed for it to be posted on online listening platforms. Our prayers have been heard. Hallelujah!

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