Only 1 Visa Gift Card Balance Check – Activation

Are you new to Only 1 visa Gift Card? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here, we will help you understand how to check your Only1visa Gift Card balance or activate the Card. Besides, we will answer whether Only 1 visa Gift Card is safe for you. To know more about these aspects, continue reading this guide.

How to check Only 1 visa Gift Card Balance?

If you don’t know what Only 1 visa Gift Card is, it is a prepaid gift card that allows you to buy goods and services virtually. However, it is worth noting that you cannot use this gift card offline or in physical stores. Instead, you can use it only at places where they accept and process Visa Gift Cards electronically.

Only 1 visa Gift Card


But how do I check my Only1visa Gift Card balance?

There are two main ways to check the balance for your Only 1 visa Gift Card. One way is by visiting the official website of the Only1visa Gift Card. The steps are as follow:

  • First, you should visit
  • Once you enter the website, it will directly link you to the “Check Balance/Transactions” page.
  • Next, you should enter your “Card Number,” “Expiration Date,” and “3-Digit Code (CVV2).”
  • Once you have entered all the above-listed details, you should click on the “Submit” button.

The other way to check your Only1visa Gift Card balance is by directly calling the contact number printed on your Card. Besides, you can visit an Only1visa store and request the cashiers to perform a balance check enquire. These are the two main ways to check the balance for your Only1visa Gift Card, and it is entirely up to you to decide.

How to activate Only1visa Gift Card Card?

Generally, when you first get your Only1visa Gift Card, it comes ready to use and does not require activation. However, sometimes, you might need additional steps to activate them. Following are some essential methods that will help you to activate your Only1visa Gift Card:

Calling the number given on the back of your Card:

Every digital Card comes with a customer service number printed on the back of the Card. One way to activate your Only1visa Gift Card Card is by calling this number. Remember, you will need to verify your account number by entering the card details into the keypad. Hence, pay close attention to the automated prompts.

Activating your Card Online:

If calling the customer service number is exhausting for you, then you should consider activating it online.

Is Only 1 visa Gift Card Safe?

It is worth noting that no debit, credit, or gift cards are safe without proper precautions. Your Only1visa Gift Card will remain safe if you consider the following steps:

Sign your Card to avoid identity theft:

On receiving your Only1visa Gift Card, you should immediately put your signature on the back of the Card. This way, you can prevent problems surrounding fraudulent purchases.

Note down your Card’s detail for an emergency:

You should always note down your Card’s details, such as registered number, account number, etc., and store it in a safe place. Remember, this recorded information will come in handy if you lose your Card.

Use your Only1visa Gift Card before it expires:

Every Only1visa Gift Card comes with an expiration date, after which you can access the remaining balance. Hence, you should consider using your Card before the expiration date.

Only 1 Visa Gift Card Customer Reviews

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