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In this digital age, gift cards are very popular. If you’re anything like me then every time a birthday or Christmas comes around you tend to get stumped for gift ideas. Gift cards can sometimes be the perfect present for someone. A new one on the market is the One4all Gift Card which is issued by MasterCard and can be used in any shop which accepts MasterCard debit or credit cards, both online and offline.

A One4all gift card is essentially an e-voucher that can be redeemed towards the purchase of products in Ireland. The cards are branded with MasterCard’s Maestro logo, which allows them to also be used in most European countries.

one4all gift card

Where can they be bought?

These gift cards are available for purchase from the main retailers who stock them in store or online, including: Penneys/Primark, Londis, Heatons, Centra and more. They are not limited to retail use though – pharmacies also stock them as do some post offices.

How much do they cost?

The price of these gift cards vary depending on where you buy them from. In store, they cost from €5 to €100, while online from certain retailers you’ll be able to get a €20 voucher for as little as €9.

Do One4all gift cards have an expiry date?

Yes, the cards do eventually expire and once expired no further funds can be added onto them. However it’s important to note that this doesn’t happen until five years after the card is issued. According to Mastercard’s website , “your One4all Gift Card will expire five years from the date of activation or last transaction on your card.” This means that if you haven’t used your gift card during those five years after its been issued then any remaining balance will go dormant and unusable despite not yet being expired. In other words, this means that it’s important to know when you buy a One4all gift card, how long it has left to go until expiry date and keep track of its usage.

one4all gift card balance check

Where to spend your One4all Gift Card?

here is no denying that there are many shops accepting MasterCard so finding places to use your One4all gift card will not be an issue. However, some of you may have already heard about some high street retailers going into administration such as Clinton Cards and Zavvi (to name but a few) and as such you may not be able to spend your One4all gift card there anymore. There is no need to worry though as many of the shops that accept MasterCard will now either accept Visa , AMEX or Maestro .

Some good news; you can use your OneForAll Giftcard on some sites like:  Steam (game codes), PSN (Playstation gaming), XBox Live (gaming)…

So if your friend or family member has one of these systems but didn’t have enough money for buying games etc., then you could give them this giftcard! Also on some other sites like Nike, CD-keys, Electronics Boutique, Ticketmaster…

Balance Check for One4all Gift Cards

If you have a One4all Gift Card with a low or zero balance, then there is something you can do about it – checking the balance of your card. You can do this through an online service provided by Mastercard Mycheck . This requires the number from your physical gift card which is usually printed on the back in a mixture of numbers and letters under a scratch panel. If you don’t have access to either the physical card nor its number then unfortunately you won’t be able to check your balance.

However if you have both of these, then simply follow the three simple steps below:

Type in the card number on Mastercard MyCheck’s website . On this page , enter your card details under ‘ Check Card Transaction History ‘. This is where you will need to type in the 16-digit number which can be located on your One4all Gift Card underneath a scratch panel. Click the “Search” button after entering your card number. This will open up another new tab or window with your personalized transaction history for that specific gift card.

You should now see all past transactions that have been made with that particular gift card including its current balance – it may not always appear there though by default – just click on the drop down box to show all available details. Once you’ve seen your gift card’s balance, then simply close that window/tab and you are done!

How do I use a One4all Gift Card?

If you are buying something in store with your One4all gift card then simply hand it to the cashier. They will scan the bar code on the back of the pack and input how much money is left on your gift card. Then they will ask if you want this amount taken off of your payment or whether you would like to use it in full.

If you are paying for an item online then all that is required of you is that when filling out information, such as name, address etc., there will be a box which asks for details of your “payment” card. This means that any credit/debit card which can be used online is fine, so therefore One4all gift cards are acceptable too!

Is there any way I can use my balance online?

Unfortunately not directly. There is no option or link on MasterCard Mycheck which allows you to pay for items online with the money remaining on your gift card. So if you don’t want to spend all of it in one go but would like some back, then keep hold of the card until you find something worth buying! Alternatively, if you’ve found yourself with a few quid left on your card (e.g. after using it for groceries), then head into store again and use it there to get its full value.

Can I add more funds onto a One4all Gift Card?

Yes, you can add more money onto a card quite easily through a number of different ways: In store at the cash desk or EFTPOS machine by following instructions on its screen online by going into your account’s cards section and adding credit from there directly on Mastercard MyCheck where you’ll be given the choice on the final page to add more for any remaining amount. Some stores do charge a small fee when toping up, but this is normally minimal – typically around €1.50-2.00.

Is there anything else I should know about One4all gift cards?

Aside from the information covered in this article, there are a few other things that might come in handy to know about One4all gift cards. For example, if you have an old One4all card without a scratch panel then you can call Mastercard on 1850 652 039 to get its number.

If you have misplaced your physical card altogether – e.g. after throwing it away or losing it somewhere – then unfortunately you won’t be able to check the balance on it anymore because the card has got no number attached to it which is required for this process so giving out personal information would not be safe or possible here either. You will need to find your physical card first before proceeding.

Sometimes during the activation process of a new gift card, customers will receive their PIN via post which will come in the form of a letter. If this has happened to you, then take one final step and write your PIN down somewhere safe (preferably in several places) so that if you do lose it still, at least it can be located again without too much hassle!

If all else fails however and these simple steps don’t work for you, then unfortunately there is nothing more that can be done – One4all Gift Cards have been known for being particularly stubborn on occasions so try not to worry if this happens because sometimes they just won’t budge! Furthermore, some smaller retail outlets might refuse payment with a gift card altogether due to various reasons such as them not having heard the product before or simply just not knowing about them so if so, then don’t be too worried because it’s not your fault.

If this is the case, then hopefully you will still have some money left to purchase something else or maybe ask them if they can exchange it for a different form of tender such as cash.

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One4All Gift Card Customer Reviews

The one4all gift card is a prepaid stored-value cash card that can be redeemed and exchanged for goods and services. They are guaranteed to never expire and they do not charge any admin fees, making them cheaper than credit cards. With the one4all gift card app, customers will also receive their balance easily, quickly and conveniently.

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