On stage on May 7 in Sainte-Thérèse: Paul Doucet’s “Trajectory(s)”

The actor Paul Doucet lives an effervescent period which does not run out of steam, 28 years after having plunged into this profession which gave him several beautiful gifts.

A chameleon, he “avoided the pitfalls” so as not to be confined to one type of role. He was thus able to play a chaplain in “Unit 9”, lend his features to Jean Duceppe in the television series devoted to this giant or even slip into the extravagant costumes of a character inspired by Douglas “Coco” Léopold in “Funkytown”.

We saw him more recently camp a ripou in “District 31” and he is from the magnificent series “Le temps des raspberries”, recently available on Club illico.

What is less known is that the 52-year-old actor took advantage of the pandemic to write for the very first time, thus stepping out of his comfort zone. In “Trajectoire(s) – Paul Doucet”, he breaks the fourth wall, maintaining a dialogue with the viewer and recounting his career as an actor as well as his personal life. A true “memory exercise”, the project allows him to talk about his inspirations, his readings, films and childhood music, his first favorite star, his years at school, including at the UQAM where he studied theater, as well as his workshops with John Strasberg.

After presenting this show a dozen times in eastern Quebec last year, he will offer it at Cabaret BMO in Sainte-Thérèse on May 7.

In an interview with the QMI Agency, Paul Doucet said that his background is universal, which allows, through humor, emotions and nostalgia, to strike many sensitive chords in the audience.

And that’s good, because what he wanted through this project, “was to go on tour and see people”, in reaction to the long periods of confinement of the first pandemic year. He feared above all “not being meaningful” and did not want his proposal to be perceived as “a therapy [qu’il] is paid”. To do this, he wanted to share and entertain at the same time.

“I go in and out of the characters I play, I become myself again, I confide, I talk to people.” And also wishing to strike up a conversation with the public who have followed him through all his roles since 1994, he offers them a question & answer period at the very end.

In “Trajectoire(s) – Paul Doucet”, the artist surrounded himself with his friends Katia Gagné in the staging and Josée Roussy, who is the artistic director of the Center de création diffusion de Gaspé, where he performed a writing residency for the purposes of the play.

As the show is in “movement” and “dynamic”, Paul Doucet continues to feed it and, at the time of the interview, he was diving back into the texts to be ready to strum the guitar to pay homage to Elvis, play Jean Duceppe who was decisive in his career 20 years ago, diving into the world of “Cyrano de Bergerac” or even delivering family memories that helped shape him.

Even if he is “proud to have dared” and that he “remains humble”, the stage fright is there on the eve of the performance of May 7, because his two sons, his sister and friends will be in the room. , which adds to the emotion of sharing anecdotes about them too. Tickets are on sale online [https://odyscene.com].

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