New York reports the first case of polio in the United States in nearly a decade

A “young adult” from Rockland, New York County has tested positive for polio. This is the first diagnosis in the United States in a decade.

The “unvaccinated” person began to experience “weakness and paralysis about a month ago,” Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert said Thursday.

Rupert said:

This patient presented with weakness and paralysis.

The diagnosis comes just a month after UK authorities detected poliovirus in sewage samples from London, but found no active cases.

This is the first polio case diagnosed in the country since 2013, according to reports.

The risk to an unvaccinated community member from this event is still being determined,” said Ruppert Schnabel. “We strongly advise anyone who has not been vaccinated to get vaccinated.

This case indicates that it is from a person who received the oral vaccine, officials report. It is thought to come from the country where the oral vaccine is still administered.

Authorities also say the unnamed person did not travel outside the country before or after the diagnosis.

State Health Commissioner Mary T. Bassett said:

Based on what we know about this case, and polio in general, the Department of Health strongly recommends that unvaccinated individuals be vaccinated or boosted with the FDA-approved IPV polio vaccine as soon as possible. The polio vaccine is safe and effective, protecting against this potentially debilitating disease, and it is part of the backbone of required routine childhood immunizations recommended by health officials and public health agencies nationwide. .

In 1952, cases of poliomyelitis were frequent. Polio infected 58,000 people and 21,000 people were paralyzed, in addition to 3,100 people were killed.

Roommates, are you worried it will spread like COVID-19?

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