New York Cop Bought Rifle For Neo-Nazi Navy ‘Rapekreig’ Who Planned Synagogue Attack: Feds

A former Marine accused of belonging to a neo-Nazi group called “Rapekrieg” planned to attack a synagogue and asked a New York police officer to buy him an assault rifle, according to federal prosecutors.

Facing multiple gun charges, former U.S. Marine Matthew Belanger allegedly staged an attack on a synagogue, attempted to pass on his military training to fellow neo-Nazis and wrote a screed calling for racial and sexual violence.

Belanger’s alleged neo-Nazi ties were revealed in a July 14 memo responding to his request to be released to his family home pending trial. The memo, filed by prosecutors and first reported by Rolling Stone, says Belanger’s actions and affiliations show he could “pose a danger to the community” and strongly recommends that he not be released. The judge has not yet decided whether he will be released.

Rapekreig members who spoke to authorities said Belanger, during his time with the Marines, wrote the group’s manifesto. The court document contained several excerpts from the Rapekrieg manifesto. The rambling racist screed described rape as “an extremely effective tool against our many enemies”. Court documents say the group endorses “the rape of white women to increase the production of white children in furtherance of Raprekrieg’s goal of creating a white ethno-state by means of acceleration.” Another section speaks of the need to kill Jewish children and urges members to be prepared to do so.

The memo says Rapekrieg has “overlapping beliefs and membership with the Atomwaffen Division and Rapewaffen,” other neo-Nazi acceleration groups. These groups form the nodes of an international network of modern neo-Nazis organized online focused on militant accelerationism, which hopes to hasten the downfall of modern society. Many neo-Nazis associated with this network are serving long prison sentences for a myriad of crimes (including murders) in which they participated as members of these groups.

Like many groups in the neo-Nazi ecosystem where Rapekreig operates, there was a source within the group who reported Bélanger to authorities.

In May 2021, Bélanger was fired from the military for misconduct stemming from his affiliation with neo-Nazis. He was arrested and charged in June this year and faces three counts stemming from several fraudulent firearm purchases in which someone illegally purchased a firearm for another person.

The alleged illegal gun purchases for neo-Nazis were made with the help of an anonymous New York police officer. The documents do not indicate whether this officer has been charged. Belanger is originally from New York but was stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii at the time of the purchases.

The officer allegedly purchased firearms from him twice. The first purchase, which took place in 2019, was for a PTR .308 assault rifle. The officer purchased the rifle for Belanger, who then paid for it via Cash App. Then, in April 2020, Bélanger asked the officer to buy him a second gun. This is a Luger, the handgun associated with the Nazis. In a conversation, Bélanger sent the online list to the police officer.

“I think I want to buy this,” he texted.

“Better you than me,” replied the officer.

The agent would have bought the firearm for Bélanger. The Marine celebrated it in a conversation he had with other neo-Nazis online. He texted the group that his “luge drip” was coming. “I’m going to start wearing this luger on the sly so soon Der boys is going to be attached to Applebees,” he sent.

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The memo says authorities began investigating Rapekreig in mid-2020 and interviewed several members, including the group’s leader. Belanger, as the member who allegedly wrote the group’s manifesto, was a key cog in their group whose actions permeated the real world.

It is alleged he discussed attacking a synagogue with another member – originally they were talking about ‘shooting’ the place of worship but then decided it was best they burn it down . The group reportedly went so far as to monitor the synagogue to see if it had security cameras.

The memo also states that Belanger, as part of Rapekreig, showed up at the home of someone “wearing tactical gear, including camouflage, body armor, and body armor” and told led two neo-Nazis in a military-style training. The group reportedly trained once a year with real firearms and other times with Airsoft. The imaginary enemy against which they conducted their exercises was the “Zionist order of governments”.

A search of Belanger’s computer reportedly turned up nearly 2,000 “images, videos and documents related to white power groups, Nazi literature, brutality towards the Jewish community, brutality towards women, rape , former mass murderers such as Dylan Roof, firearms, body armor, instructional materials on how to make explosives and/or illegal firearms, uncensored violent executions and/ or rape, and other disturbing content. Prosecutors say his computer history showed “a pattern of progression toward more extreme, graphic and violent content.”

The document says Belanger ran several social media pages in which he attempted to spread racial hatred online. On one, where he posed as a Jew on Twitter, he posted an image with a caption for law enforcement.

“Catch me if you can, assholes,” he said.

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