Netflix turns Rowan Atkinson’s Man vs Bee into a luxury goods showcase

The rise of streaming services means that product placement is becoming increasingly important as an alternative to traditional advertising.

“During the pandemic, we have seen a 30% increase in inquiries from brands looking to move to screen, as they have seen the amount of content consumed. And the great thing about Netflix shows is that they’re global,” said Collis, who predicted that all of the products shown would see an increase in sales.

” That works. I wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t,” he said.

The series’ most expensive prop was lent rather than bought. This is the oldest surviving E-Type Jaguar, which Trevor duly destroyed.

While the designers made a replica for Trevor to destroy, the owner lent the real thing for some shots.

Atkinson explained: “It is the oldest E-type Jag in existence, a star of the Geneva Motor Show, and its registration number is 9600 HP. It’s a very famous car and it’s worth £2 million.

The actor bought the replica to add to his car collection. “I’ve driven cars occasionally and I drove an E-Type at Le Mans Classic about 15 years ago, and [it is] a very nice car. So the replica we did in this show, I bought.

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