Nadine Dorries heckled Sky News

The man replied, “He can’t touch me lady, what do you mean he doesn’t touch me? He can’t, I’ll have him arrested in five seconds.

Ms Dorries told viewers: “The cameraman didn’t touch it.”

“Touch me then! If someone touches me, I call the police. Touch me then, you might be let loose,” the man continued.

“Are you OK?” Ms Dorries whispered to the cameraman, while the man continued to scream. “Should I move?

“Put a finger on me, anyone, you’ll spend the afternoon in a police cell,” he shouted

The man could then be heard ranting incoherently as the camera cut back to an advertisement for the upcoming Conservative leadership debate next Thursday.

“This is not a vain project”

Before the hiatus, Ms Dorries defended the £778million cost of hosting the Commonwealth Games at a time when families face mounting bills and growing hardship.

She told Sky News from Birmingham: “This is not a vanity project… This is hugely important.”

“Are you saying we shouldn’t have the Commonwealth Games? I think we are proud and honored to have taken over when it was abandoned elsewhere in the world and to continue to deliver these Commonwealth Games in the incredible way that we have done.”

“Everyone here – thousands of people – is extremely proud, including the volunteers behind me at the moment, extremely proud of what we are doing.”

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