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MyBalanceNow is a gift card platform for loyal Target customers who want to get a good deal on their shopping lists whenever they can. MyBalanceNow cards can be used anywhere, from online shopping to visiting stores. It is a safe and secure gateway for shoppers, giving them good deals and discounts on Target stores. One great feature about MyBalanceNow is no expiry date and no applicable fees on your purchases. They also do not require credit checks. You can register for MyBalanceNow through the internet or in the store. Both registration procedures require you to provide your personal and contact information. The card is activated once you make a purchase. If you’re at a Target store, you can consult a cashier for further details.

MyBalanceNow Customer Reviews

Is MyBalanceNow Legit?

Yes, MyBalanceNow is legit. If you’ve recently obtained a MyBalanceNow card, you could be wondering about its authenticity. Well, you can be assured in the fact that MyBalanceNow is a legit and secure portal for loyal Target customers nationwide. Nonetheless, always ensure that you do not sign up on fake websites, as many scammers mimic the official MyBalanceNow website. Unaware customers may register and provide their information to fake websites, making them vulnerable and victims of online fraud and scams. So, always make it a point to check the legitimacy of the websites by contacting the customer service number provided in the bottom. You can also take additional measures by scanning any QR code displayed on the website.

Is MyBalanceNow Safe?

If you’ve registered on MyBalanceNow and wondered about the site’s safety; you can ease up as it is totally safe and secure. Your banking and personal details are encrypted so that they are not leaked to the general public, keeping you safe from scammers and frauds. If you want to avoid scammers who pose as MyBalanceNow agents, always make it a priority to check if the website or portal you’re registering is genuine or not.

To further confirm your safety, you can contact the customer service number provided on the back of the card. You can also raise any queries regarding your card and shopping information through customer care services. MyBalanceNow cards are totally legal and safe, which you can use anytime you want. Just make sure that you don’t sign up on any fake websites as they can pose a threat in the future.

How To Report an Issue?

If you have any issues regarding your MyBalanceNow card, you can immediately contact the customer care number provided on the websites by looking it up online. If you’ve misplaced or lost your card, you need to provide your card number and basic information. To obtain a new card, you’ll need to know your card number. So make sure that you write it down somewhere safe and secure. You can also send a mail to customer care service if you want to do so.

In the case that you have noticed a transaction that was unauthorized, you can also contact the same contact number provided on their official website. You can contact the same number for any underlying issues you want to report and any other card-related inquiries.

MyBalanceNow Customer Reviews

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