Mukta Dhond teases fans with an enigmatic image of ‘Udti Ka Naam Rajjo’!

Bombay: Star Plus is preparing to launch its highly anticipated show ‘Udti Ka Naam Rajjo’. The story revolves around a naturally talented young athlete “Rajjo”, played by internet sensation Celesti Bairagey. His chance encounter with ‘Arjun’, Rajveer Singh’s character, sets off a chain of events meant to capture the hearts of the audience. Mukta Dhond teases fans on Instagram with a photo of Rajveer and Celesti in action.

‘Udti Ka Naam Rajjo’, directed by Mukta Dhond, will soon make its way to our television screens. The chemistry between Celesti Bairagey and Rajveer Singh is still palpable through this one. So it will be intriguing for fans and viewers to see them actually turn up the heat on our television screens. This photo is captured by the show’s creator, Mukta Dhond, and she posts it on her social media asking fans to guess the character of Rajveer Singh, Arjun’s profession. Mukta Dhond is challenging viewers with this puzzle and it looks like fans are going wild with their theories!

Produced by Bits and Bots Media, ‘Udti Ka Naam Rajjo’ is a show about the complicated story of a young, high-spirited girl who is naturally gifted in athletics but has no idea his past. In these circumstances, she encounters a reluctant “hero” and seeks shelter from a tragedy that has rocked her entire life. What do you think is Arjun’s profession? Could it be a bodybuilder, a bodyguard or a CEO of a company who has something to hide? Let the guessing games begin!

To learn about his true profession, go to ‘Udti Ka Naam Rajjo’ on August 22, Monday to Saturday at 7 p.m., only on Star Plus!

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