More than 2000 complaints in July

Air Canada provided four different reasons for the delay of a flight to two passengers wanting to return to Montreal. This new testimony comes at a time when several travelers are having trouble with the airlines, which are receiving more and more complaints, noted The newspaper.

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According to the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), as of April, passengers had registered 1,115 grievances against carriers.

But with the resumption of air traffic and the problems of several companies such as Air Canada, this figure rose to 2,382 in May-June and exploded in July with 2,131 complaints.

Many testimonials

In fact, the Log received several testimonials from travelers who tried to get reimbursed, but without success, like this couple, Guillaume and Sabrina, who had all the trouble to return to the country.

After 21 days of a motorcycle trip in the American West, the two travelers were supposed to take a Las Vegas-Montreal flight, but it was delayed seven times.

Exasperated, the couple tried several times to find a flight with Air Canada in order to return to Montreal as quickly as possible, in order to attend a wedding.

Figure it out !

“We were told to manage,” Guillaume explains in an interview with The newspaper.

According to text messages seen by Le Logthe company has changed its version several times to explain the delays: safety problem, lack of personnel, handling activities or problems with the pilots’ schedule.

“Air Canada laughs at the world! They asked for restitution, but they gave me a credit of $200. I can’t even go to Trois-Rivières with that, ”imaged the young man.

The latter has also decided to sue the carrier for $3,200, which notably covers compensation in the event of a delay of nine hours or more.

In another story that again involves Air Canada, another passenger, Brigitte Lessard, had her flight to Varadero delayed by a day due to “a tropical storm.”

“However, we spoke with people in Varadero and everything was beautiful. There was rain, but it was not a storm,” she says.

If Air Canada postponed its flight, Sunwing left the same day for Cuba with a 30-minute delay.

“We had to go home by taxi, it cost $100. Since then, I have been trying to get my money back, but I was only given credit,” she says.

Complaints also to the OPC

She filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Office (OPC). According to figures from the organization, 35 grievances have been filed against Air Canada since April, compared to 15 for Transat.

“An air carrier which concludes a contract must respect it and perform the obligations it has contracted. Otherwise, the consumer can not only demand a refund, but in some cases also all the damages that the situation causes him, ”said the spokesperson, Charles Tanguay, in an email.


  • February : 1196
  • March : 1337
  • April : 1115
  • May and June (combined): 2382
  • July : 2131

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