Moderation of grades: several other students fail despite good results

Amélie Bérubé is far from the only student to have failed because of a change in grades, despite his good results obtained during the school year. The newspaper received several emails from parents on Wednesday denouncing the same situation.

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Raphaël Senécal, a fourth-grade student from the South Shore of Montreal, had 75% in science at the end of the year before taking the ministerial test, which he failed with 46%.

His school mark was then “moderate” at 48% so that he failed the course, with a final mark of 58%.

His father also multiplied the steps with the ministry to try to understand what happened.

“My son finds it difficult to accept. He lacked concentration for two hours, once a year, and here he is forced to do summer courses, ”he says.

Mr. Senécal understands the importance of equity in the school network, but he wonders why the training provided by teachers is not formally evaluated during the school year, rather than making a purely statistical judgment at the light of the results of the ministerial tests.

“I find it flat that it falls into the children’s playground,” he said.

A big impact

Other parents have also told us that their teenager suffered a drop in school mark of more than fifteen points following the grade moderation process this year.

For some, the impact is very great. The entrance to CEGEP of Véronique Lajoie’s daughter is compromised because she failed her French course, which she thought was on the way to succeeding.

A parent with whom The newspaper discussed, who declined to be identified, also regrets that no particular circumstances are taken into account during the ministry’s moderation process.

His boy’s fifth-grade French school mark was lowered by 18 points while this group of students was entitled to three different teachers during the school year, he points out.

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