Mod (Com) Squad: The People Modernizing Congress

Representatives Derek Kilmer and William R. Timmons IV are under no illusions about the challenges of making Congress a more modern and effective institution. But as leaders of the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress, the two walk the talk: pursuing a bipartisan approach and setting an example of how to work together for the public interest.

“Congress has been described as an 18th century institution using 20th century technology to solve 21st century problems,” Kilmer likes to say. But he and Timmons and their panel colleagues are making measurable progress in ways that the rest of the legislative branch could learn from.

Show Notes:

  • Civility in Congress has become a joke. This panel takes it seriously
  • ‘Fix Congress’ panel enters final year with ‘dry topics’, vows not to rest
  • The webinar that started it all (If you need to see what we looked like that day)
  • Modernization Panel Approves Latest Recommendations, Drizzles Congress with Its “Secret Sauce”
  • The Modernization Committee tracks its own progress as time goes by
  • Rep Derek Kilmer was a trainee in the 1990s. Here’s what he learned on his last day
  • From “Purple Spatula” to “Aspiring Statesman” with Rep. William Timmons

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