Mastriano quickly ends his interview with questions about the January 6 QAnon conference

Doug Mastriano, the Pennsylvania state senator who is a leading candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, wrapped up an interview on Wednesday after being asked about his Big Lie promotion and attendance at the 6 January that preceded the attack on the Capitol.

Mastriano’s interview with the Delaware Valley Journal podcast ended with Michael Graham, the publication’s editor, asking Mastriano, “How do you plan to handle, as a Republican candidate, the issue of your assertion according to which election was stolen? »

But the candidate did not respond. He had hung up in the middle of the question after commenting: “All I hear from you is nonsense. »

“I guess that question would have been better to wait until the end, huh?” chuckled Linda Stein, editor of the Valley Journal.

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The exchange capped a nearly 20-minute interview that became controversial midway through. Graham noted an April event that Mastriano attended — featuring conspiracy theories on topics including 9/11, Hitler’s death and child sacrifice — and January 6, for which Mastriano has arranged a bus trip.

“What do you think happened on January 6, and what should have been the correct answer to that? asks Graham.

But the candidate did not understand this, calling the question “dishonest” and asking why the left got a “pass”.

“Regarding my right to assemble, you can forget that we have a Constitution and, unlike you, I have defended this Constitution for 30 years of my life, it is not a game,” Mastriano said. .

“And I don’t like the fact that you want to castigate anyone who traveled to Washington, DC on January 6 as some kind of enemy of the public. It’s dangerous. You sound like an East German because we have the right to meet under the Constitution. Shame on you. »

Things only got worse from there. Stein tried twice to get the interview back on track, asking about crime in Philadelphia and then mail-in voting rules, but Mastriano kept coming back to Graham’s supposed effort to infringe on his right. to get together. At one point he called the interview a “waste of time”, later adding, “I don’t like the nature and tone of this whole interview. »

Separately, he compared the Jan. 6 crowd to Black Lives Matter protesters.

“Anyone who breaks the law at any event, whether in Washington, DC or Minnesota, must be held to equal justice,” Mastriano said.

After Mastriano accused Graham of being intellectually incurious, the podcast host fired back, “I’m intellectually curious. I’m intellectually curious what your response is when people bring this up. That’s my question. And your response is that the people who are questioning you are standing between you and the Constitution, which is quite an interesting position to take. Do you think people shouldn’t criticize you, senator, is that your position? »

“Obviously you don’t have the ability to think critically, because I’ve given many reasons why –” Mastriano began. “Are you asking the same questions to the left? Of course not.

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