Martin Scorsese regrets no longer working with Ray Liotta after Goodfellas

When I first saw Freedmen many years ago, I remember being somewhat surprised to learn that Martin Scorsese and Ray Liotta had never worked together again. After all, Liotta was absolutely electric in the role, holding her own against Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci with ease. It’s hard not to imagine Liotta landing in Casino, the aviator, the wolf of Wall StreetWhere The Irishbut it never happened.

In an opinion piece for The Guardian, Martin Scorsese reflected on the recent death of Ray Liotta and expressed his regret that the couple never worked together again, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

We had many plans to work together again, but the timing was always off or the project didn’t quite go well. I regret it now. When I watched Ray as the divorce lawyer in Marriage Story – he’s really scary in that role, which is precisely why he’s so funny – I remember feeling like I wanted to work with him again on that stage of his life, to explore the gravity in his presence, so different from the buoyant young actor he was when I met him. I wish I had the chance to see him again, to tell him how much the work we did together meant to me. But maybe he knew. I hope.

It was Ray Liotta’s performance in Jonathan Demme something wild which first caught the attention of Martin Scorsese, and when the pair finally got to work together on Freedmen, he said it felt like they had worked together for years. ” The word “fearless” is used quite often to describe actors, and for good reason: actors should be fearless,said Scorsese. ” They have to jump in and go, and they have to stumble and fail and risk looking ridiculous as they work their way into a role. It’s only part of the job. On Goodfellas, we worked off the cuff in most scenes, and many of the crew had known each other and worked together for years, including my mom and dad. That’s where the new guy, Ray Liotta, came in and he never missed a beat. It was as if we had worked together for years.“Like many of you, I’m still a little shocked that Ray Liotta is no longer with us. You never really know how long you have with someone.

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