Mark Twain Prize honors propagandist Jon Stewart, ignores Cancel Culture

Imagine bringing together the biggest names in comedy and leaving aside an existential threat to creative freedom.

The minds behind the Mark Twain Prize staged such an effort on Sunday to celebrate Jon Stewart for his final honours. Stewart, the driving force behind ‘The Daily Show’ during the Obama years, won the prestigious award for spawning ‘Full Frontal’, ‘The Late Show’, ‘Last Week Tonight’ and other propaganda outlets of end of the night.

A heritage.

And none of the attendees had the temerity to take on Cancel Culture, according to press reports from the DC-based gala. That matters, in part, because it was the first Mark Twain event since COVID-19 crippled the nation and much of the globe.

What better time to slay the cultural dragon that touches every part of the comedy community?

Except that the guest of honor publicly declared that Cancel Culture does not exist… a few days before defending his good friend Dave Chappelle against an attack by Cancel Culture.

It’s getting worse.

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Stewart’s speech praised comedy for being a critical defense against authoritarians. It’s wonderful…on paper.

“When society is threatened, actors are the first to be fired. It’s just a reminder to people that democracy is under threat. The authoritarians are the threat to comedy, music, thought, poetry.

Or, in the case of vaccination mandates that have proven far less effective than expected, people’s livelihoods.

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Stewart even poked fun at those who were worried about Cancel Culture halfway through.

“It’s not the pronoun police, it’s the secret police. It always has been and it always will be,” he said.

How embarrassing.

This quip ignores people who lose their jobs for using the “wrong” pronouns. It also diminishes what comedians face in our waking age.

Self-censorship, for starters.

Even liberal black comics like Showtime stars Desus & Mero admit it. Others shape their actions around social justice, praying that problematic jokes from their past won’t “resurface” at the worst possible time.

Amy Schumer, one of three recent Oscar hostesses, noted that she prepared the targets for her beards in advance so she wouldn’t get burned.

Superb and brave.

And then there’s the fact that most modern comedians either give Team Biden a comedy hall pass or cheer him on. Millions of people are suffering from shocking gas prices and runaway inflation, to name just a few illnesses of the Biden era.

Our comedic jesters can’t spare a crack at that, though. A few truth tellers.

The Kimmels, Colberts, Noahs and other Stewart descendants would rather go after a Fox News cable host than the leader of the free world.

Oh, and they won’t touch this powerful leader either.

Cowards, the lot of them. Frauds. Pranksters, but far from being in the healthiest sense of the word.

The biggest irony?

The event organizers have invited Chappelle to be part of the festivities. Was he told “ix-nay on the ancel-kay ulture-kay?” Or did he charitably focus on the honoree, knowing he’s done a lot to tackle and fight against cancel culture as it is?

It was not up to Chappelle to raise the elephant in the comedy room. That Stewart, of all people, couldn’t do the heavy lifting when the spotlight fell on him mocks Twain’s coveted bust he now calls his own.

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