Man who took selfies with Sidhu Moose Wala minutes before his death among 8 arrested in India: police

Punjab police say they have arrested eight people in connection with the murder of rapper Sidhu Moose Wala, who rose to fame in Brampton, Ontario.

The suspects were taken into custody “for providing logistical support, driving [reconnaissance] and harbor the shooters,” police said in a news release Tuesday.

Police also said they identified four shooters involved, who are still at large.

Moose Wala, 28, was shot dead on May 29 in Mansa, Punjab, while driving with two other people. Police at the time said the murder was likely the result of “gang rivalry”.

Police say one of those arrested was surveilling the rapper posing as a fan and took selfies with Moose Wala minutes before his murder.

The suspect also reportedly passed on information that Moose Wala was unaccompanied by his security personnel and was traveling in an unarmored vehicle, police said.

The other arrested are charged with guarding Moose Wala, forming the shooting team, providing a vehicle for the shooters and providing them with a hideout.

“Consistent efforts are being made to arrest the identified shooters and other accused persons involved in the crime,” police said in the news release.

The rapper rose to fame in Canada

Moose Wala was born in Moosa, a village in Mansa district of Punjab, India in 1993. After earning a degree in electrical engineering in 2016, he moved to Brampton, Ontario.

Moose Wala found great success in the Punjabi-language rap scene after moving to Canada. He performed to sold-out crowds in Winnipeg and Toronto, and was also an iconic figure in Surrey, British Columbia, home to Canada’s second-largest South Asian population. Several hundred people gathered in Surrey for a vigil after the star’s death.

Sidhu Moose Wala fans gather at 120 Street and 72 Avenue in Surrey BC on Sunday May 29, 2022 for a vigil following the death of the Punjabi-speaking rapper and music producer. (Jon Azpiri/CBC News)

The rapper, who also had an acting career, had joined the Indian National Congress party last year after returning to his home country.

He had contested the Punjab state elections in 2022, losing to Dr. Vijay Singla of Aam Aadmi party, which is the ruling party in Punjab state and Delhi.

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