Malayalam actress Sahana dies on her 22nd birthday: Parents allege her husband murdered her

In what comes as a shocking and sad incident, news of a young and vibrant Malayalam actress, Sahana, found dead on her 22nd birthday broke on May 14.

Malayalam actress Sahana dies on her 22nd birthday

The model-turned-actress, who worked for a few commercials and a Tamil film, was married to Sajjad. Currently unemployed, Sajjad would have worked in Qatar before. The couple lived in a rented house in Kozhikode, where Sahana was found dead, apparently under mysterious circumstances.

According to reports, Sahana’s parents alleged foul play in their daughter’s death and believed that her husband and in-laws killed her, due to the fact that Sahana had suffered domestic violence.

Speaking to the media on Friday May 13, Sahana’s mother said: “My daughter would never die by suicide, she was murdered. She cried all the time saying that they were torturing her. He used to get drunk and cause trouble. Her parents and sister were also torturing her, so I offered to move them to a separate house. Even after that, my daughter told me that he was misbehaving with her and wanted money. The 25 gold sovereigns that we had given had been used. . She had wanted to meet us on her birthday. »

Malayalam actress Sahana dies on her 22nd birthday

Apparently, after being interrogated, Sajjad claimed his innocence and found Sahana dead in the bathroom on Thursday evening (May 12).

The News Minute reported that a senior police official said he was not yet sure if it was a case of suicide. ACP K Sudarshan told the publication: “She performed in a Tamil company and received money for it recently. The couple seem to have argued about it. Yesterday was his birthday, but he came back late. The couple then had another argument. According to the husband, he found her dead in the bathroom after that. »

Police arrested Sajjad for further questioning.

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