‘Long, long delays’ expected again at Port of Dover as major incident declared

Travelers trying to cross the Channel are again facing “long, long delays” today, with authorities warning wait times are likely to increase over the weekend.

From 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, motorists faced a two-hour wait to travel the last kilometer of the route before further delays of a few hours at French passport control.

A major incident has been declared by local authorities due to the volume of traffic.

Doug Bannister, the port’s chief executive, said travelers can expect another “busy day” in Dover.

Some 10,000 cars are expected to be processed leaving the port on Saturday, up from Friday’s figure.

Asked if there could be five to six hour delays again for people in port on Saturday, he told BBC Radio 4 Today: “It is possible. We expected today to be a busier day than yesterday.”

“Yesterday we processed around 8,500 cars out. Today we were supposed to be around 10,000 so it’s going to be a very busy day here.”

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