London officially in drought as heat wave continues

London will be sweating this weekend as temperatures of up to 36C hit the region this weekend and now an official drought has been declared for the region.

The National Drought Group, part of the government and water agency and company representatives, all met on Friday August 12 to discuss the dry weather which has seen the UK warmer than the Caribbean over the of the week.

Following the meeting, the group said large areas of England would be subject to drought measures.

It covers the South West, southern and central parts of England and East England.

The Environment Agency said businesses and households should be “very mindful of pressures on water resources”.

Adding that water companies should reduce leaks and repair leaky pipes as soon as possible.

Garden hose bans come into force in hot, dry conditions in the UK

Water Minister Steve Double said: “We are currently experiencing a second heatwave after what was the driest July on record in parts of the country. Measures are already being taken by the government and other partners, including the Environment Agency, to manage the impacts.

“All the water companies have reassured us that essential supplies are always safe, and we have made it clear that it is their duty to maintain these supplies.

“We are better prepared than ever for spells of dry weather, but we will continue to closely monitor the situation, including the impacts on farmers and the environment, and take further action as necessary.”

Environment Agency drought zones

The Environment Agency has switched to drought in eight of its 14 zones:

  • Devon and Cornwall
  • Solent and South Downs
  • Kent and South London
  • Herts and North London
  • East Anglia
  • Thames
  • Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire
  • The East Midlands.

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