Letters, July 15: “Parks Canada does nothing in Banff”

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Think twice if you plan to drive to Moraine Lake or Lake Louise to take in the views or maybe hike. After several years of skyrocketing demand—quite predictably—Parks Canada’s response has been to cut service rather than welcome more visitors. Imagine if the Calgary Stampede decided to remove attractions and restrict admission because of all those damn people trying to get in. To be fair, that seems to be consistent with current Liberal policy, like “Service” Canada if you need a passport, or Canada Immigration “Services” if you’re one of the two million people still waiting for your request is processed. You can take a shuttle to Moraine Lake and/or Lake Louise between 8 a.m. and 5:40 p.m. At least if you have reserved a spot, online, well in advance. No appointment, sorry. If you didn’t know you had to book ahead (Parks Canada isn’t a big messenger), you can try your luck by endlessly driving through the parking lots until a spot becomes available. Then there’s the scenic 1A bypass just west of Banff, half of which is closed to motor vehicles so a few elite cyclists can have it all to themselves. This cuts off one of the most scenic sections of the park, once enjoyed by many busloads of visitors from around the world, as well as access to several hiking trails. Maybe Parks Canada should just advertise Don’t Park Canada.
(They are literally between a rock and a hard place. Too many visitors for the infrastructure to accommodate, but rightly no desire to pave paradise for more parking, etc.)

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“I want to live my NHL dream playing in Columbus, Ohio,” no one ever said.
(Yet here we are.)

In my opinion, Johnny Gaudreau wanted to leave the Flames as soon as possible. He had an eight-year, $10.5 million offer from the Flames long before free agency began. Yet he signs with the Columbus Blue Jackets (what a ridiculous name for a hockey team) for less tenure and less money. Columbus isn’t even close to his family, so that excuse doesn’t hold water, besides, if he really wanted to be closer to his family at any time in the past eight years, he could have asked for a exchange. I don’t think he liked being in Calgary and wanted out. One thing is true, however, Brad Treliving and Flames ownership have done everything in their power to keep him here. I hate to say it, but good riddance, Johnny, I hope you fall flat!
(He’s a free man but yeah, it hurts.)

If our PM wants less fertilizer used (by farmers), he could help a lot if he could just stop spitting it up like a cow with diarrhea.
(Nice picture.)

So that’s what we’ve come to. A convicted rapist, sentenced last month, has now been released on bail, while Tamara Lich, who has been charged with mischief and obstruction, has had her bail application denied. Is this really who and what we have become, and how the hell can this happen?
(That’s our court system this week.)

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