Letter to the readers: It was about time Hockey Canada was put in the spotlight

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He must be accountable to the children and parents who participated and contributed hard-earned money to this organization.

Hockey is a notoriously expensive sport that remains inaccessible to many. Countless families sacrifice and raise the funds that allow their children to play a sport they love.

These families, along with the small businesses across Canada that provide financial support to local teams and players, have unknowingly paid for Hockey Canada’s culture of neglect and permissiveness around sexual violence.

This money was used to cover the risks and associated expenses of their stars committing heinous acts of sexual violence.

Canadians should be shocked, but most who know the sport aren’t surprised by these claims. It’s only surprising that it took so long to go public.

I have respect for the survivors who sued the organization and for the journalists who exposed it. Hockey Canada deserves accountability.

Edward Kewley, Windsor

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