Letter to the Editor: Trans athletes are a threat to women’s sport

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas said: “Trans women are not a threat to women’s sport. Trans people don’t make the transition to athletics. We transition to being happy and authentic and ourselves. Transitioning to gain an advantage is never factored into our decisions.

I’m not an athlete or a doctor, but so far (fingers crossed) being either is not a requirement for having an opinion, so I would agree with Thomas on, “ Trans people don’t transition to athletics,” and that they transition to be happy and authentic and their true selves, and that transitioning to gain an advantage is never something that matters in their decisions. . (While I agree with Thomas on all of this, the reason I’m doing this is that someone should have a few screws loosened to go from boy to girl or male to female in the only goal of winning the gold medal.)

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But Lia Thomas’ comment about trans women not being a threat to women’s sport is, in my non-sporting and non-medical opinion, nonsense.

To those who share Thomas’s view, I would pose this question, with only one correct answer: Would Joel Embiid and Kevin Durant pose a threat to women’s basketball if Joel and Kevin made the transition from male to female and decided to join a female club? basketball team?

If you answered no, you are wrong. (In my non-sporting and non-medical opinion.)



(And you are entitled to it.)


Re: Doug Ford defends not visiting Ottawa for more than a week after storm, online edition, May 30

No need to be defensive, Doug. It’s simple. We are not in “Toronto Peel”. We know this was your area of ​​focus during the pandemic and now during power outages.

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The rest of Ontario does not exist for you. It is your reality. Man standing.



(He’ll have another four years to try to get frequent flyer miles under his belt. And then he could be criticized for his growing carbon footprint.)


Re: Police slammed by residents for responding to elderly woman practicing Tai Chi in Dundonald Park, online edition, June 1

The Dundonald Park incident would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Here you have an 80 year old Asian woman practicing Tai Chi with a plastic sword and you have a copper from Ottawa barking at her and threatening to arrest her if she doesn’t follow instructions. This is absolute madness. What exactly was the threat? It seems, if these reports are true, that there is a training problem or maybe even a staffing problem.

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(What about the larger societal issues that led citizens to call the cops in the first place?)


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said his proposed freeze on legal handgun sales and transfers will not affect legal gun owners and that any opinion to the contrary constitutes “misinformation”.

Sport shooters regularly trade, buy, and transfer various handguns as they progress and master the many shooting disciplines. Trudeau’s ban will end that while effectively halting the growth of these sports. No new shooters, so attrition will eventually kill these sports, which is the whole idea.

The law will also devalue their equipment and render it worthless once they die.

To say his ban won’t affect shooters isn’t just ‘misinformation’, it’s an outright lie and it proves he has more contempt for legitimate citizens than criminals who shoot in our streets.



(With both sides claiming “misinformation,” it’s hard to know who to believe.)


I don’t think Jean Charest is ready to be a nice hair conservative, though.



(We see what you did there. Clever.)

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