Letter to the Editor: New Forces ‘cabinet’ will hurt enlistment

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Content of the article

I can’t accurately predict the effect of Justin Trudeau’s new dress policy for the Armed Forces, but if he thinks it will increase the appeal for young men who are considering enlisting, I believe he is completely wrong. In fact, I suspect many of those who considered the military a career option will now change their minds.

Many bright and capable young men who admired the professional military style might well be hesitant to join the “Trudeau Hippies”.

Additionally, I am sure that some current members who may have planned to re-enlist at the end of their term will now reconsider. I know I would.



(Weird people with long hair don’t need to apply, huh?)


Re: Bluesfest helps badly? Letter, July 16

The letter writer failed to mention that perhaps many pinching Canadians actually watched reruns (rather than going to Bluesfest) and counted their pennies during the pandemic and still do so with our high inflation rates today. He also failed to mention that many lost their jobs, unlike the Bluesfest staff, and it will take them a long time to recover.

Content of the article

And what about small business owners who have had to close shop, some for good? What help did they receive? I don’t think a night of music would be the cure for those struggling to get emergency hospital services due to nursing shortages, however, maybe $10 million would have many of them to stay on the payroll, rather than the burnout they suffered the most.

The amazing effect of a night of music described by the writer has not been felt by all of us, and I am grateful that he is not in the investment business. And, if he believes Canadians can’t compete in sports and entertainment like other countries do, maybe he could tell us which country has the most to give away $10 million to music lovers?



(Sometimes music is the medicine people need.)

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Subject: Targeting failed; The federal government’s plan to reduce greenhouse gases is a “fantasy”, column, July 19

Lorrie Goldstein has written that no Canadian government since 1988 has come close to meeting greenhouse gas emissions targets. So what is the definition of a person who does the same thing over and over again and expects a different result? I guess the answer relates to the last Dumb and Dumber analogy, given our “esteemed” leader’s new haircut. The two new stars of this film would be Justin Trudeau and his stupid adviser.



(The answer is actually insanity. I don’t know what that has to do with the Jim Carrey movie.)


Re: It stings, letter, July 16

I have read the hazy and moving letter and describe it as written by someone who knows absolutely nothing about the state of the Catholic Church today. First of all, the resignation or retirement of a pope, prior to Pope Benedict XV1, is five years. The author of the letter went on to speak of the “glaring flaws within the Church which must be corrected and discussed openly”. Good luck with this idea.

In a letter to the Sun, which has not been published, I mentioned the Pope as the worst teacher of the faith in the history of the Church, which borders on apostasy. I would direct your editors to two phenomenal books. One is called “The Political Pope,” by George Neumayr. The entire book is a chilling look at this pope’s pontificate. As for the second book, the title says it all. “The Dictator Pope”, by historian Henry Sire.


(It seems the pope tried to change with the times.)

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