Letter to the Editor: Maybe it’s time to move the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Content of the article

Re: “Showed remorse”; No charges after the US flag was draped over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on August 5

Like many Canadians, my wife and I were appalled by the disrespect for our country’s war dead, as evidenced by the repeated desecrations of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by vandals and self-proclaimed patriots of the Freedom Convoy. “. Our disgust is compounded by the fact that we are Royal Canadian Navy veterans with a combined service of 57 years; it makes the insult to service and sacrifice much more personal.

This disrespect cannot be allowed to continue, but sadly the police, Veterans Affairs Canada and Ottawa City Council seem unable or, worse, unwilling to take the necessary punitive action to stop its recurrence.

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It may therefore be time for government authorities to move the remains of the Unknown Soldier to Beechwood National Military Cemetery. There he will be safely isolated from the foul-mouthed protesters who increasingly crowd the downtown parliamentary precinct and will be allowed to reside in peace among thousands of fallen comrades-in-arms. If civilized, law-abiding Ottawans and visitors to the city still want to pay their respects, they can do so there.



(It’s sad to come to this.)


Many question the validation of climate patterns of global warming as being the result of human activities. Could they be related to those who still refuse to believe that the Holocaust took place? Now Newfoundland and Labrador has completed the coast-to-coast highway with wildfires out of control. Floods and wildfires are now a reality across North America.

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The United States recently completed a marathon debate and voted to stifle increasing global warming and air pollution. Fortunately, the vice president had the final deciding vote, which resulted in the bill passing. This will provide billions of dollars to reduce climate change over the next eight years. The media has documented the properties, lands and lives lost due to climate change.

Last Sunday there was a rare case where golfers left the course due to heat, humidity, breathing difficulties and possibly bad golf shots. Some have been lucky enough to arrive home with air conditioning, a swimming pool or even just shade without fear, for now, that their surroundings will be inhaled by wildfires out of control.

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A lot of time will pass before we see a significant change in weather patterns and temperature variations. Hopefully the global efforts are worth the investment of time and money in this global crisis.

Those who still deny the Holocaust can visit a remaining concentration camp or see the many media reports, documentaries and interviews with survivors. Tattooed numbers don’t magically disappear.



(It’s time to stop wishful thinking.)


The province of Quebec practically has a two-party system — no NDP or CP. You are either Liberal or PQ. I see no argument for Jean Charest being a former Liberal prime minister. Either a Liberal prime minister or a separatist premier from Quebec. As for dodging the question of running for a seat as a Tory if he loses the leadership campaign, that’s just politics and campaigning, emphasizing his leadership victory. Get voters to embrace the idea that he wins the contest.


(It was an interesting campaign.)

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