Letter to the editor: Liberals and partisans have a case of Poilievreitis

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Re: This is a shock, Auntie Em! ; Pro-choice victory in Kansas sends message to conservatives in Canada, column, August 4

Poilievreitis is a unique ailment affecting members of the Liberal Party of Canada and their supporters. This leads them to make exaggerated claims about Pierre Poilievre, a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and its leader-in-waiting.

Mr. Poilievre has been blamed and accused of almost everything bad in the world. A perfect example is Warren Kinsella trying to equate Mr. Poilievre’s stance on abortion with a Kansas state vote. I expect he will be blamed for world hunger, and it might not be a stretch to think that Mr. Poilievre is the author of Who Killed Roger Rabbit!

Unlike COVID-19, there is a cure. If Mr. Poilievre becomes leader of the Conservative Party, I sincerely believe that the current Prime Minister, like his old man, will walk in the snow. Then and only then will Liberal Party members and supporters be too busy looking for a leader to worry about Premier Poilievre.

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(We think it’s a band-aid, not a cure.)


Re: This is a shock, Auntie Em! ; Pro-choice victory in Kansas sends message to conservatives in Canada, column, August 4

Warren Kinsella told us about his progressive views, starting with Kansas abortion law, then launching into his real reason for writing, which was to overturn Pierre Poilievre’s views on abortion – and, of course, those pro-life villains.

First, the PCP caucus is overwhelmingly pro-choice and not socially conservative.

Second, allowing an MP to present a pro-life motion does not make Mr. Poillievre pro-life, it makes him pro-democracy.

Third, Mr. Kinsella, please don’t comment on the views of Canadian women on abortion. Have you ever attended the March for Life? No, of course you didn’t. Many, many Canadian women there, I can assure you.

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Finally, Mr. Kinsella, your view of a “well-funded pro-life side” is an old trope perpetuated by progressives and is as wrong as it gets. Check out Global Affairs to find out the millions pro-choice advocates get compared to the zero dollars given to pro-lifers.



(We’ll get the message across.)


Re: “Showed remorse”; No charges after the US flag was draped over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on August 5

For me, a visit to downtown is not complete without a stop at the National War Memorial. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a powerful symbol and place to reflect on the sacrifices of our soldiers and their families.

A recent news article mentioned that there have been 17 reported acts of vandalism in the past five years alone. He was urinated on and otherwise desecrated. Incidents like this show that not everyone can be expected to show this site the respect it deserves.

Honoring our heroes in uniform isn’t just for ceremonies, it’s a full-time commitment. It’s time we kept guards in place at all times.



(Or we could all just agree that certain places should remain free of cheap politics and acts of vandalism.)

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