Letter to the editor: Canada needs a new climate plan

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Content of the article

There seems to be no end to the madness of what our government is willing to do in the name of the climate emergency/crisis/change (choose one).

If we’re serious about trying to do something, could someone look at the numbers and come back with a plan that actually does something?

If what they say is true and we in Canada only emit less than 2% of total greenhouse gases, then our plan to crush our economy and farmers is nothing less than madness.

Instead, we should look for where our efforts would have the most impact. We have shipped all our manufacturing to China, where the environment is very little respected. If Canada wants to do something, then first move away from our reliance on the Chinese for cheap goods and either pay the raise to have them produced domestically (if we can get the people to work) or abroad in an ethical way with the environment in mind.

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I won’t mention that shipping oil and gas to Europe would also help reduce coal emissions and push Russia back, because I’m sure at this point all climate activists’ heads would explode.



(Some change is definitely needed.)


Subject: Tribute to the “Trudeau hippies”, letter, July 22

Well, finally a member of the public who agrees with our military hippies. I spent over 39 years in the military. I was proud to serve. We had a dress and regulation system. None of us worried about having to follow rules. Now the government is lowering dress standards. Encourage more young people to join. Damn, the only ones that will join are gang members and thugs.

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We were a professional army. Now, we make fun of our soldiers.

Do you think real professional soldiers from other armies will enjoy serving alongside an army that allows facial tattoos and different painted fingernails?

Australian, American and British military dress and act like soldiers. Even those in the fearsome Russian army look like real soldiers.

My God, that’s been the plan since the ex-Trudeau came to power. It worked.



(The military needs to appeal to young people, but face tattoos are probably going too far.)


I just hope that if there is a snap election, all of you who voted for the NDP will remember that you really did vote for the Liberals.

Did you vote for the NDP to defect and become Liberal? I do not think so. Think twice when you vote that a vote for the NDP is really a vote for Mr. Screwup Trudeau. And you have no one to blame but yourself. You are part of the problem in which Canada finds itself.

Kudos to all NDP (or should I say Liberal?) supporters. Don’t complain about what we face today and tomorrow. Remember, you caused it.



(If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.)

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