Legacy warning as Brits shell out £100,000 which ‘could have been avoided’ | Personal finance | Finance

Andrew Wilkinson, Inheritance Litigation Manager at Lime Solicitors, said: “End of life wishes have been a taboo subject for far too long and failure to discuss them can lead to grief and financial loss for bereaved families.

“As estates lawyers, unfortunately, we see all too often how difficult it can be for families when things go wrong after the death of a loved one, and where disputes could have been avoided if appropriate conversations had taken place and whether an appropriate will had been made. in place.

“We also see situations where someone dies, having clearly expressed their wishes, but those wishes are not implemented, due to a failure to follow strict legal procedures.

“Current law does not allow the court to dispense with the formalities of a will, regardless of the circumstances, even when it is clear that the terms of their will (or intestate rules) do not reflect their wishes.

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