LAPD sources claim there is video of the 2021 shooting linked to the recent arrest of A$AP Rocky

Things appear to be up in the air for A$AP Rocky as the investigation into the alleged November 2021 shooting incident unfolds. Los Angeles Police Department sources said TMZ video footage of the alleged incident exists and is in their possession. It is unclear exactly what was captured in this alleged video. However, TMZ says the video likely came from a surveillance camera.

As previously reported, A$AP Rocky was arrested over a week ago for his alleged involvement in a shooting that began with a heated argument. The painting was for assault with a deadly weapon. Police allege A$AP Rocky shot a man multiple times, ultimately only grazing the victim’s hand. Rocky was released on bail shortly after the arrest.

During a search of the artist’s home last week, police found several firearms. Turns out every gun was “legally acquired” by #TMZ. In addition, the firearms do not match the shell casings found at the crime scene. This means that none of the weapons found match the weapon used in the shootout.

This is a developing story.

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