Kylie Jenner and Stormi fly out to support Travis Scott at first arena show

Travis Scott is just hours away from his first big solo show since Astroworld…and he’s got some important people there to support him as he takes the stage.

Kylie Jenner and the couple’s daughter, stormy, have been in London with TS all week, shopping, dining and spending time together. The show is a big deal for Travis, so you have to imagine he’s had family time before.

It’s unclear if Kylie and Travis’ 6-month-old son made the trip, but he’s old enough to fly…so it’s possible he just stayed with nannies while mum, dad and big sister traveled in the city.

Travis is due to perform two sold-out shows at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday and Sunday night … a venue that seats around 20,000 people. A source close to Travis tells us he’s “excited to deliver for his fans in London being back, thriving on stage.”

We’ve seen Travis show up in nightclubs and perform a song or two during other artists’ setsbut the O2 shows will mark his first solo shows since November at Astroworld.

9-year-old boy trampled in Astroworld dies

9-year-old boy trampled in Astroworld dies

Travis has taken a lot of heat for the 10 deaths at the festival, and is battling a mountain of litigation…but has apparently been welcomed with open arms by music fans and those hoping to score some of his products and collaborations, he’s released since the tragedy.

Travis and his team maintained that the rapper had no idea how serious the crowd was going on as he performed in front of 50,000 people at Astroworld.

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