Kyle Rittenhouse tells President Joe Biden he’s ‘not coming for our guns’ in viral video

Kyle Rittenhouse has shared a direct message for President Joe Biden on gun rights in America.

Following multiple shootings across the country, there has been massive pressure to restrict gun rights in the United States. Naturally, people are not happy and many have expressed their problems with the idea of ​​putting more restrictions on the Second Amendment. (RELATED: David Hookstead is the real King In the North When it comes to college football)

You can now add Rittenhouse to the list.

“Joe Biden, you’re not coming for our guns,” Rittenhouse, who shot people attacking him during a riot, said in the video shared Monday night after he finished firing a gun.

You can watch his message below.

No matter what you think of Rittenhouse, there’s no doubt a lot of people feel the exact same way he does. We all want people to be safe in America, and no one wants to see more mass shootings.

However, we have different plans to achieve this goal.

Personally, I think toughening up schools and taking threats seriously is a good place to start. What I don’t think is a good idea is to push for more gun control when we already have a lot of laws in place.

Plus, banning semi-automatics is downright insane. Almost all modern guns that people buy are semi-automatic. That would bring us too close to a total gun ban for comfort.

Let us know in the comments what you think we should do about the Second Amendment and guns in America!

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