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One of the best ways to save on groceries at Kroger is with a Kroger gift card or prepaid debit card. This guide will explain how Kroger’s rewards program works, how to get these cards for free, and show you which are the best cards to use each quarter. This information can be used not only at Kroger but also at its subsidiaries such as Ralphs and King Soopers (Colorado). The same principles apply at any grocery store that offers rewards points like Harris Teeter (North Carolina) and Fred Meyer (Oregon and part of Washington state). You can find a list of all locations here:

First I will give some background information about using gift cards at grocery stores to get rewards points. Some people are against this practice because it’s not “honest” or they think you’re stealing from the store. Kroger is aware that some customers are using prepaid cards, whereas other retailers have different policies. We’ll go into detail about what exactly these cards are and how they work in order to clear up any misconceptions.

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Gift cards at Kroger can be used like credit cards, but there is no credit check required for them (unlike department stores) except for PIN-enabled Visa gift cards. Each card has a specific dollar amount on it associated with a particular store (e.g., $50 Kroger), while others act like regular debit or credit cards that you preload with money. Kroger also offers a number of different options, so you can choose which one will work best for your budget and spending habits.

In addition to the various types of gift cards, there are other prepaid debit cards that get you rewards points from grocery stores such as fuel points or cash back rebates (the latter is not exclusive to grocery stores). You can use these at other retailers in addition to groceries; we’ll go into detail about how they affect Kroger shopping later in this article. I’ve included some general tips on saving money along with links to valuable resources like the Kohl’s Cash promo and coupons available at Ralphs locations.

The rest of this guide will explain what these gifts cards are, how they work, and which are the best cards to get for Kroger shopping.

What is a Kroger gift card?

            A Kroger gift card is a prepaid debit card that acts like a credit card when swiped at a register. However, there is no credit check required in order to get one of these cards unless it’s a PIN-enabled Visa gift card with a chip. You can find more info on these types of cards here:

As mentioned previously, Kroger offers several different types of gift cards including Visa and MasterCard options that must be loaded with money before you spend them. In addition to giving your rewards points or cash back, some of these cards are also eligible for special promotions that will give you extra cash back or coupons to use at Kroger.

kroger gift cards

There are other prepaid debit cards out there that work in a similar manner, but they do not function exactly like credit cards. For example, the American Express Bluebird card comes with free direct deposit and free bill pay, but does not have any rewards associated with its use. You can read more about this card here: . The way to tell if a card is one of these types relates back to how it swipes at the register. If the chip reader on the front of the machine turns green or says “credit” then you’re using a regular credit card; whereas if the card swipes in a different manner and drops a receipt in your transaction, then you’re using a gift card.

The next thing to note about these cards is that if it’s an Amex Bluebird or Serve card, where you can add cash directly from an account at one of many banks, Kroger will only give you 1% back on these types of transactions. If this is all you have access to, I would not recommend doing this for greater than 5% savings off grocery list prices. However, there are other cards that have way better rewards options when used correctly.

Lastly, Kroger registers won’t ask for a PIN number when using a Visa gift card with a chip (but they may ask for the last four digits of it). All other gift cards that are not credit or debit will need to be swiped like a normal credit card. These cards come with an associated dollar amount (e.g., $50 Kroger) and should be treated like cash money when loaded on them.

How do you use them?

The way to tell if you’re using one of these Visa/Mastercard options is because the chip reader at the register turns green or says “credit” instead of dropping a receipt in your transaction. When this happens, just swipe the card through the magnetic stripe reader slot and sign for your purchase. If it’s any other type of card then just swipe it through the magnetic stripe reader slot only; it will not work with the chip reader.

When are they loaded?

The latest date that your gift cards need to be loaded is at midnight CST on the expiry day. This means if you get a card on December 4th, it needs to be loaded before midnight on December 17th. If the card is not loaded by that time then it’s no longer valid for use at Kroger stores! If you want more info on this subject then I suggest reading through this guide here: . It covers several different points of confusion people have when using these types of cards so give it a read before asking any questions in the comments section below or via PM.

How do I check my balance of a Kroger Gift Card?

You can always check the balance of your gift card by visiting their official website at in the customer service section . For rapid assistance, please call 1-800-576-2575 , available 24/7 every day of the year. You may also visit any Kroger Customer Service desk or cash register in order to check the balance of your card.

I get more money back when I use the card. Why?

When you shop at Kroger, the cashier will ask you for your rewards card or send a UPC code to be entered in order for you to receive your savings. If you have a gift card registered in your account with Kroger then this will already be saved in their system so there’s no need for either! The card number on the gift card is not required when checking out because the savings are preloaded into your account when buying these types of cards. You can see an example of how it works here: . A lot of people don’t realize this until they try to use their card for the first time, so I suggest you read through that to see if it would work better for your personal circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one gift card or store card?

You can have up to two gift cards (or store cards) loaded on an account at any given time. This means that if you want to make sure you get all savings possible then you’ll need to swipe each of them separately when checking out. If not, then this isn’t too big of a deal; it’s just something important for people shopping with other people (e.g., significant other/spouse/kids/roommate) that will be tagging along to keep in mind.

Do the savings get taken out automatically?

            No, you don’t have to worry about this happening! As stated above, Kroger has it set up that any gift cards are already loaded with your savings which will be applied at checkout. You can also see everything on file through your account online if it makes you feel more secure about the purchases being tracked. Here’s a link to their page: . If you do not save your receipts there then they will not be saved on account for you to view later or print either so make sure to do this every week!

What happens if I lose my card? What should I do?

            Unfortunately if you lose your gift card then there isn’t much anyone can do about it. Kroger doesn’t have the capability to verify whether or not the card was stolen so any further action would be up to you to take care of if this happens. If someone finds your card and wants to use it at their own personal discretion then they are free to do so, but no one else is able to utilize the funds left on that particular card for themselves!

If I return an item, will I get money back?

            Unfortunately Kroger won’t reimburse you when certain items in your shopping cart are returned because it wouldn’t be fair for them to take away someone’s savings after they already paid off of their gift cards. The only item returns that will be reimbursed are those on food/produce, again because it wouldn’t be fair for someone to not receive their savings on something they paid for.

Other items that can’t be returned or refunded include alcohol, gas station purchases (no exceptions), tobacco products, lottery tickets, money orders (except at Kroger’s Own Money Services at select locations), phone cards, Scratch&Win tickets (only the game piece itself is accepted if you’d like to redeem your prize), postage stamps, prescription medications and pharmacy items, bill payments of any type including taxes & utilities payments , event tickets or passes of any kind , balance transfers including credit card transactions , used gift cards (so don’t return them!), cell phones /wireless service contracts , lottery tickets, any tokens/vouchers/reloadable cards used in place of cash (like for mobile ticketing on transit services).

Can I buy gift cards through Kroger?

            Yes! Kroger will sell you gift cards while supplies last which include some of the more popular options like Visa, Mastercard & American Express (in person only), iTunes (online only), AMC movie theaters (online only), B&N (online only) and Regal Cinemas (online only). You can also use your savings on these items when checking out if it would be feasible for you to do so.

How does the $25/$15 minimum transaction work?

            When checking out, you will be required to meet a $25 or $15 threshold before tax is added in your total. This means that if you are purchasing items which add up to more than this amount (before coupons) then you will need to pay it all at once when swiping your gift card(s). You can’t break it down into multiple transactions by paying out of pocket for part of the total and using your Kroger gift cards for the rest since they’re not considered separate transactions in their system and may not be recognized as such. So again, in order for coupon savings to actually save then everything purchased must add up to either $25 or $15 after coupons before tax is applied.

Where can I use a Kroger card?

            You can use your gift cards at any store which displays the “Signature” logo, including all Super K stores (except for those located in Florida), Dillons, Baker’s , City Market, Gerbes, Food4Less (under different ownership than the above mentioned chains so prices may vary), Foods Co., Fry’s, Jay C Food Plus & Drug Plus, King Soopers (Colorado only), Owen’s / Pay Less , QFC (Washington State only), Ralphs (California only) and Smith’s! Some of these locations will allow you to save 30 cents per gallon of gas when you swipe your card at their pump(s) too! It may varies by state, but not all locations will charge sales tax on fuel. You can find more specifics about Kroger’s gas policy right here .

There are several ways to save at your local grocery store, both in-store and online! We have a whole category of posts dedicated to Kroger savings that you can check out! All of these strategies can be used for any grocery chain, not just Kroger. Just remember the golden rule…if it says “gift card” then don’t expect manufacturer coupons to ring up properly. Some couponers prefer the digital route over paper savings.

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