Kitten Rescued From Inside Car After Vanishing In Exhaust

It’s the sight encountered by a helicopter engineer who was forced to dismantle a car to rescue an injured eight-week-old kitten after seeing him disappear into the car’s exhaust pipe.

Adam Hughes, an engineer with Leonardo Helicopters, was on his way home from work at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose, Cornwall, when he came across a kitten on the airfield.

Mr Hughes, who had lost his family cat the day before, noticed the stray kitten limping with a broken leg.

However, as Mr Hughes and two junior crew members approached the small grey-brown tabby cat, he jumped onto the exhaust pipe of a nearby Volkswagen Golf and hit the engine chamber of the car. car.

The owner of the car, who was in a nearby shed, allowed Mr Hughes to dismantle the car and a passing lorry driver offered his tools to help.

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