Kim Kardashian shows off SKKN offices with gym, glamorous rooms and the works

Kim Kardashian is a billionaire, in case you didn’t know, and she opened her huge SKKN headquarters to clear up any doubts.

Kim shows off her massive 40,000 square foot office space…and I have to say…it’s pretty darn awesome.

The bells and whistles are awesome…a massive kitchen, an amphitheater, a model glam room and a private glam room, and so on.

Kim didn’t cut corners with decorators and designers… Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez do the decor during Michael Lamy and Rick Owens designed the furniture.

Check out the glamorous room filled with bathrobes, mannequin chairs, and other items used to make clothes.

Kim also peeked into her photo studio…pretty cool. As for why she has a glamorous “private” bedroom, she says it’s where she relaxes and watches TV…not a cord cutter, we’re guessing.

Then there’s the luxury shower with a chair inside, so Kim’s publicist Tracy Romulus can talk business with her while she washes.

It’s good to be a billionaire, that’s for sure.

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