Key moments from Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s six-week US libel trial

After six weeks of evidence and 13 hours of jury deliberation, Johnny Depp has won his multimillion-dollar libel case against former partner Amber Heard.

Here, the PA news agency looks back on some of the most defining moments from the highly publicized US trial, which is taking place in Fairfax County, Virginia.

– Testimony of Johnny Depp

Depp heard the trial

The actor was the first of the couple to testify and began by telling jurors he was ‘obsessed with the truth’ (Evelyn Hockstein/Pool photo via AP)

The actor was the first of the couple to testify and opened by telling jurors he was “obsessed with the truth”.

During his testimony and cross-examination, Mr Depp maintained that he had tried to live like a “gentleman from the south” and that he had lost “nothing less than everything” after the allegations of Mrs. Heard have been made public.

– Violent messages and video footage shown in court

In a video clip taken by Ms Heard, the actor is seen slamming the kitchen cabinets shut and pouring himself a large glass of wine before appearing furious at being filmed.

Text messages between Mr. Depp and fellow actor and friend Paul Bettany are also read to the jurors during which Mr. Depp suggests “burning (and) drowning” Ms. Heard.

Mr Depp says he is ‘ashamed’ of the content of the messages but claims they were based on a skit by British comedy group Monty Python.

– Psychologist says Amber Heard shows signs of personality disorder

Depp heard the trialDepp heard the trial

Psychologist Dr Shannon Curry told the court that Ms Heard showed signs of personality disorders (Michael Reynolds/AP)

Dr Shannon Curry, a witness called by Mr Depp’s team, said the actress suffered from borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder, which may involve “manipulative tactics to try to meet their needs.

Dr Curry also said Ms Heard did not suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as the actress claimed, from her relationship with Mr Depp.

– Testimony of Amber Heard

The actress took to the stand to recall, often in graphic detail, incidents in which Mr. Depp was allegedly violent towards her.

Ms Heard appeared to cry on several occasions, including describing events that allegedly took place in Australia in March 2015, in which she claimed the actor raped her with a bottle.

– Ms Heard denies involvement in a feces “prank”

The infamous incident in which Mr Depp allegedly became violent after finding feces on his bed is described to jurors.

Depp heard the trialDepp heard the trial

Ms Heard has denied involvement in an alleged ‘prank’ involving feces (Kevin Lamarque/AP)

Rebutting the allegation, Ms Heard told the court the fecal matter in question came from Mr Depp’s Yorkshire terrier Boo, who had ‘bowel control issues’ after ingesting some of the actor’s marijuana while that he was a puppy.

Ms Heard denies being involved in the ‘disgusting’ incident and tells jurors she was not ‘in the mood to play pranks’ at the time it happened.

– Ms Heard says her article was “not just about Johnny”

The actress told the court that her 2018 Washington Post article was “not just about Johnny” and that her former partner was “included” in her descriptions of how institutions protect powerful men accused of abuse.

She said the article was about her experiences after the relationship ended.

– Testimony of Kate Moss

Depp heard the trialDepp heard the trial

British model Kate Moss is one of the latest witnesses to be called to testify and testify remotely from Gloucestershire, England (Evelyn Hockstein/AP)

The British model was one of the last witnesses to be called to give evidence and testified remotely from Gloucestershire, England.

Ms Moss took the stand for just two minutes, during which she denied that Mr Depp had ever pushed her down the stairs, contrary to rumors speculated by Ms Heard in her own testimony.

Ms. Heard’s legal team chose not to cross-examine her.

– Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard return to the stand

Depp heard the trialDepp heard the trial

Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard return to the witness box to give rebuttal evidence before closing arguments are submitted (Steve Helber/AP)

The two actors return to the stand to give rebuttal evidence.

Mr Depp once again denies allegations of ‘scandalous and extravagant’ abuse and Ms Heard urges jurors to remember that ‘I am a human being’.

– Jurors are asked to think about other victims of domestic violence

In their closing statements, both legal teams urged jurors to think about the effects the case had and would have on other victims of domestic violence.

The actor’s lawyers told jurors a victory for Ms Heard would be a ‘profound cruelty’ to real survivors of abuse and reiterated once again that Mr Depp had been the victim of the tumultuous relationship.

Lawyers for Ms Heard said a victory for Mr Depp would show other victims that they “should always do more”.

– Johnny Depp performs live in the UK

Johnny Depp Sheffield concertJohnny Depp Sheffield concert

Despite the looming verdicts, Mr Depp is heading to Europe where he performs on stage two nights in a row alongside singer Jeff Beck (Sonia Mellor/PA)

Despite the impending verdicts, Mr. Depp traveled to Europe where he performed on stage two nights in a row alongside singer Jeff Beck.

The actor appears at Sheffield Town Hall on Sunday and at the Royal Albert Hall in west London on Monday evening.

– Verdicts rendered

After about 13 hours of deliberation, the jurors return a verdict in favor of Mr. Depp.

Mr Depp is not present for the verdict, as he remains in the UK.

Ms Heard is in the courtroom and looked dejected as the verdict was read.

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