Kevin Spacey’s motion to seal testimony from ‘House of Cards’ accusers granted

A California judge has granted Kevin Spacey’s request to permanently seal the names of his accusers and ‘details’ of their sexual harassment allegations related to his behind-the-scenes behavior on Card castle which contributed to his 2017 dismissal from the hit Netflix show.

The ruling, handed down by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mel Red Recana in a hearing on Thursday, comes ahead of a high-stakes showdown next week over the fate of the $31 million arbitration award that the actor was ordered to pay for breaching his contractual obligation. to comply with the show’s harassment policy.

Spacey, the subject of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct beyond his time on Card castle, asked Judge Recana to reconsider and vacate the arbitration award next week, even though he had previously appealed the finding to an appeals arbitration panel and failed. The three-member jury confirmed the award.

For its part, Card castle Producer MRC argued in a new filing this week that Spacey’s renewed attempt to overturn the award is “devoted to the same factually false and twice rejected argument that his lapses did not cause the season to be shortened. 6 of Card castle or resulting losses to MRC.

The studio argued in Tuesday’s filing that the neutral arbitrator who decided the case “found that on more than 10 separate occasions, actor and producer Kevin Spacey grossly violated his contractual obligations by sexually touching young crew members” on set.

“The arbitrator found that “Spacey’s actions caused the whole snowball that has become this case” – without which MRC would not have suffered a loss of revenue of $29.5 million caused when revelations of Spacey’s violations forced MRC to pull it from Season 6, rework the entire season and shorten it from 13 to 8 episodes to meet Netflix deadlines,” the MRC filing obtained by rolling stone states.

Spacey and his lawyers first asked Judge Recana to overturn the arbitration award in a motion filed in January. A hearing on the dispute was then set for July 26.

According to the actor, the arbitrator found that Spacey breached his contract through interactions with “five specific crew members who only came forward in connection with the solicitation (MRC) of allegations against Spacey.” The actor argues that the results of the internal investigation weren’t delivered until June 11, 2018, so earlier decisions to cut ties with Spacey and rework Season 6 “couldn’t have stemmed from the violations identified. and, therefore, were outside the scope of the arbitrator’s powers.

Spacey, 62, was filming the sixth and final season of Card castle in October 2017 when News Feed released the accusation that he forced himself on actor Anthony Rapp at a party at his house in 1986 when Rapp was just 14 years old. A few days later, Les actualites published an article with allegations from eight anonymous people Card castle crew members who accused Spacey of “predatory” behavior, such as going to shake hands and pulling a person’s hand down to touch their crotch.

Spacey later said he didn’t recall the alleged incident with Rapp, but if it happened, it was “deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.” He later said he was seeking treatment and has since largely withdrawn from public life. According to his court documents, Spacey claims the $31 million arbitration award — including $29.5 million in compensatory damages, $1.2 million in attorneys’ fees and $235,707 in costs for the MRC – is not based on any of the allegations in the The news report.

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