Kate Bedingfield, White House communications director, decides to stay in the White House

Michael LaRosa, the press secretary for Jill Biden, the first lady, left on Friday. Others who have left in recent months include Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary; Cedric Richmond, senior adviser to Mr. Biden; Dana Remus, the White House attorney; and various White House lawyers and press officers as well as advisers to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Mr Klain wanted anyone considering leaving to do so by the end of July to have a stable staff ahead of the campaign season.

It has been a time of mixed news for the president. Its approval ratings are dismal and the latest data showed the economy contracted for the second straight quarter, a possible indicator of a recession. But a flurry of action on Capitol Hill has advanced his priorities on climate change, health care, same-sex marriage and industrial policy, perhaps the start of a winning streak that had long eluded him.

Ms Bedingfield has been a key adviser to Mr Biden since his second term as vice president. During her presidential campaign, she was one of the craftsmen of the message of national restoration which carried her through the primaries and the legislative elections. But some Democrats have complained that the president’s message hasn’t been focused, forceful, sustained or commanding enough since he took office.

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